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At Opt Systems, we are dedicated to transforming your business through cutting-edge technology solutions. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we specialize in cloud software development, fintech, insurtech, IoT, backend development, APIs, and mobile app development. With our expertise and experience, we have successfully served both governmental and private organizations, delivering innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Custom cloud applications

Custom tailored cloud apps for your business, built using best cutting edge technologies

Application migrations

Database and application cloud migrations

Mobile applications

Ios & android cross platform development

IOT systems

Custom cloud IOT API servers

API design and development

Scalable REST services and microservices design and development

Intranets and custom built websites

JS based custom intranet portals and websites

Software integrations

Existing applications and systems integration


Automation and monitoring tools development and integration

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Full API server suitable for IOT and Mobile applications
optimus platform
Server cloud architecure for containerized microservices
API Driven Infrastructure
One important outcome of the automation enabled by APIs is consistency. Through automation, businesses remove human error (and human expense) from operational processes. Even when a repeatable task is well-documented with a clear procedure, when human workers perform the task it is likely that you will end up with varied outcomes.
Api driven
Consumer Electronics

  • Frontend applications
  • Mobile applications
  • APIs
  • IIOT systems
  • Machine Learning applications
  • Image recognition


  • Advanced colaborative tools
  • APIs
  • Application migrations
  • Custom business applications
  • Product Integrations


  • Advanced colaborative tools
  • APIs
  • IIOT systems
  • Custom business applications

Finance & Insurance

  • Colaborative tools
  • Advanced algorithms
  • APIs
  • Mobile apps

Heavy Industry

  • Advanced colaborative tools
  • APIs
  • IIOT systems
  • Custom business applications
  • Custom machine learning solutions

Business Solutions

  • Advanced colaborative tools
  • Mobile apps

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